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About the Database

Who produces this database?

This site is produced by the Clinical and Patient Education Department of University of Missouri Health Care, Center for Education and Development. Additional materials and organization are provided by the J. Otto Lottes Health Sciences Library of the University of Missouri -Columbia.

Who is this site intended for?

This site is intended for use by physicians and patients of University of Missouri Health Care as a source of patient education materials and information resources. This site is also intended for consumers/patients that are seeking reputable health information and health information resources.

What materials are included in this database?

  • Patient Education Materials  Materials created and collected by Clinical and Patient Education Services at University of Missouri Health Care. Material types include booklets, videos, etc. You must have the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these resources in PDF format.
  • Q&A These real questions from consumers were answered by nurses at the Health Information Center of University of Missouri Health Care which closed in 2002.
  • Support Groups
  • Web sites

Patient Education resources outside the database

  • Micromedex A fulltext resource that provides drug information and patient education information. The Care Notes Section of Micromedex has patient education materials developed by Micromedex. (Available onsite to University of Missouri Health Care staff and patients only.)
  • Health Sciences Library  Information for Patients and Health Consumers
  • Visit the site developed by the J. Otto Lottes Health Sciences Library to find information on:
    • Clinical trials
    • Drug information
    • General medical web sites
    • Missouri health resources
    • Physician finders
    • Consumer health page
    • And more…

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